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*waves* Hey everyone.. I'm Clutch and I rock the bass in Something Corporate. Thanks for adding me. heh. And um.. yea. That's it. Oh yeah.. Morgan owns me.. and you should all love her.. even if she doesn't play bass. *nods*

AIM: yea for clutch
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Morgan owns me too!! She's like.. the bass pimp or something. <33 for Morgan.
She is! Morgan Lander: Pimper of Bass Players. mmhmm. Sounds good to me. Much <333 for Morgan :)
Yes, lots of <333 for Morgan. I have to make Jenn add her now. What's a bass community without the bass pimp?!
haha good idea!!
>:o I wasn't added yet! haha I need to pimp!!!!!!
Haha, awww! yes I'm a bass pimp, and I own. :D
you are and you do :)
<333 Haha, let's see, I'm dating a hot bassist...three of my best friends are bassists, one of my idols is a bassist..yep I am a bass pimp.
I'm dating a hot bassist

HOT bassist? *gasp* you're cheating on me?!?!
Yes, Yes I am Clutch..his name is Juan Pierre*laughs* Oh god I love you<3