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must_be_bass's Journal

Must Be Bass
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welcome to must_be_bass - a must_be_pop associated community specifically for BASSISTS.


1. claire_blake (aim = barely claire) and j_arroyo (aim = lying lady j) are the owners. ask one of us if you want in, we'll think about it. sexual favors are most welcome, and almost guarantee acceptance. ;)

2. you have to play bass. obviously. or at least worship those of us who do. if you're dating a bassist, or best friends with a bassist, or always wanted to be a bassist, you're welcome to join.

3. don't be mean. and don't be rude. love makes the world go 'round, mmkay?

4. you need to have an active journal associated with the must_be_pop community. you don't have to be in the community, just be associated.

any questions or issues, come bug one of us.